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Sabotage (film, 2014)

Sabotage is a detective fighter directed by David Ayer based on the script of Ayer and Skip Woods. Starring – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Olivia Williams . The premiere of the film in the US took place on March 28 2014 the year.

The plot

The elite DEA task force is fighting the world’s deadliest drug cartels. Specializing in complex mobile operations, the team makes a tactical raid on the cartel’s safe house. What looks like a typical raid actually turns out to be a thoughtful process of stealing money from an apartment that the DEA squad had planned in advance. After hiding millions of stolen money, the team believes that their secret is safe, but someone starts killing team members one by one.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: John “Punchy” Wharton
Olivia Williams: “investigator” Caroline Brentwood
Mireille Inos: Lizzy murray
Sam Worthington: James “Monster” Murray
Terrence Howard : Julius “Sugar” Edmonds
Joe Manganiello: Joe Grinder Phillips
Josh Holloway: Eddie “Nek” Jordan
Max Martini: Tom “Piro” Roberts
Harold Perrino: Jackson
Kevin Vance: Bryce “Tripod” McNeely
Mark Schlegel: “Smoke” Jennings


Filming took place in Georgia , Hartford and New York.

The working titles of the film were “Breacher” and “Ten”.

Kate Mara and Isla Fisher auditioned for the role that Malin Akerman subsequently acquired . But later, Ackerman dropped out of the film due to pregnancy and was replaced by Mireille Inos . One of the roles was considered by Dawn Oliveri.

For the sake of the role in this film, Arnold Schwarzenegger spent three months to improve the skills of handling weapons. He studied at the SWAT base in Los Angeles.

Initially, the film had a completely different ending in two versions with minor differences. After Caroline and John detained Lizzy, she began to confess, and John shot her before she could say more and quietly disappeared, Caroline and her colleague Jackson went to the lake to collect money. John showed up there too, wounded Jackson with a knife and began to fight Caroline in the water. The film’s director, David Ayer, shot two versions of this scene. Caroline is saved, and John confronts two police cars. When he tries to leave with the money, he kills the police and prepares to leave in one of the cars. In the first version, Caroline appears at this moment and kills John. In the second, John shot Caroline before she could press the trigger and drove away.

Also, David Ayer said that “Sabotage” was greatly reduced by the studio to make the film more actionable, thus changing the original idea of ​​the detective thriller. The original version of the film was rumored to last about 3 hours.

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